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Everything is possible

Be one of the toughest ultra cyclist on the world and try us with one of the longest bike race on the Globe. 

10 days around Poland

Riding on such a long distance causes that everything may happen, so the strategy and energy saling are the most important issues.

3200km around Poland.

The route is designed as close to the polish border line as possible and meets the most beautiful spots.

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Rules 2013


Round Poland Bike Race


Daniel Smieja


  • Promotion of long distance cycling in Poland and the world
  • Checking your physical and endurance skill.
  • Discovering the best competitors
  • Presenting the most beautiful scenery in Poland


The start (17 August) and finish (27 August) is at: Przylądek Rozewie (light house).

17 August

  • 8.00 -10.30 Registration
  • 10.30 Technical check out
  • 11:00 Validation of mandatory equipment, cycling computer and weighting up
  • 11:50 Taking position on the start line and commemoration photograph
  • 12:00 Start

27 August

  • 12.00 Closing the finish line
  • 13.00 Awarding of prizes and closing ceremony


Przylądek Rozewie.


The Race requires excellent cycling capability and fitness
The total race distance is 3130 km and must be completed within a time limit of 240 hours (10 days).
The Race starts at Przyladek Rozewie (by the lighthouse).
The route leads clockwise along the Polish border with the finish line located at the original starting line.
The route may be varied at the discretion of the organizers but will be determined by the 31 July2013.
The Race is continual and competitors must report to the race office about the place and the length of brake for rest

The confirmation of finishing the race for EXTREME and SPORT category is done basing on data loaded from the GPS logger installed on the bike. In case the logger is not functioning properly the confirmation of finishing the race will be done at Check Points located on the route.


The race is suitable for professional or semiprofessional individuals who have excellent fitness levels. Thus in order to participate all competitors must meet the following qualifications:

a) 600 km race non stop bike race within 48 hour time limit accomplished within 48 months prior to the start day of the Race:

  • Participation in other race (recommended race is 1008 km Bałtyk-Bieszczady)
  • Training or other bike trip with GPS logger,
  • An comparative achievements as evaluated by the Race Director

b) Completion of one previous edition of the Bike Race Around Poland
c) Completion of the Bałtyk-Bieszczady race in 2011 and 2012

2. Competitors must have attained the age of 18 years

3. Competitors must sign up to the rules of the competition and thereby race at one’s own responsibility

Mandatory equipment and documentation:

  • Front light (during the night) white and rear light (red) – recommended light is super power LED
  • Cycling computer
  • GPS logger or other similar device with track recording
  • NRC blanket (folie)
  • Mobile phone
  • ID or passport.

Recommended equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Bike service kit
  • Auxiliary batteries or accumulators
  • Auxiliary mobile phone batteries.


Each competitor having completed the race in accordance with the rules will be awarded:

  • medal
  • certificate with name, distance and time

The winner will receive the cup with engraved stipulating the distance and achieved time.
Additionally some other valuable rewards are to be given.

By paying the entrance fee the organizing team will provide:

  • Map with route description and other necessary remarks
  • “Starting code” to be place on the bike
  • Insurance (subject to compliance with race rules)
  • Personal t-shirt with map of the race and acquired time.


All fees are to be paid at:

Daniel Śmieja
 Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A.
 PL50 2130 0004 3001 0262 2686 0001
with additional note: „MRDP 2013

Starting fee:

Paid till 12.08.2013r. Paid after 12.08.2013 or in the day of START
all foreign racers 40 EUR 50 EUR

Registration must be completed via Internet using the prescribed application form prior to the 12th of August 2013

Payment and registration after the 29th of July 2013 does not guarantee race bonuses.


Competitors are required to complete the race without any external help (constantly following the racer). All subsistence, food and accommodation at fixed points (restaurants, bars, hotels, motels and inns) prepared by the competitor or family or friends on the route are allowed. Helping points must not follow the racer.

SPORT – A competitor will participate in the race with all technical support and unlimited external help (following car equipped with food and bed). The minimum distance between the racer and a following car is 100 m. A following car and other means of help are to be organized solely by the competitor.


  • The race will be held despite adverse weather conditions
  • All competitors must race independently.
  • In order to complete all distance or its part, joining in groups is permitted.
  • Following non-racer or other moving objects is strictly forbidden,
  • Competitors may replenish food or liquids at Check-Points or shops/bars/restaurants/ alongthe prescribed route
  • Using other means of transport compete is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification
  • Riding directly behind technical cars or other cars is strictly forbidden. As stated previously, the minimum distance between the racer and the car is 100 m
  • Technical condition and preparation of the bikes and other equipment is due to the racer
  • A competitor who resigns from the competition after the date of 29.07.2013 will lose the starting fee and other benefits
  • Registration after the date of 29.07.2013 does not guarantee full benefits
  • The committee of the race does not bear the responsibility due to the damages inflicted upon the racers or third persons.
  • The committee does not bear the responsibility due to any acts of fate occurring during the trip to and from the competition
  • Each competitor agrees that he is taking part in the competition at his own its own responsibility
  • The committee does not bear any responsibility being the result of accidents or collisions during the race.
  • Rubbish disposal is strictly forbidden. All racers are obligated to take care for the natural environment
  • Each racer by filling and signing the application formula in accepts all final provisions written and documented here and thus gives the consent to future use of its personal data for all purposes connected to the race including the publication of scores or other marketing and PR issues in accordance with polish law – concerning Ochronie Danych Osobowych Dz. Ust. 2002 r. Nr 101 poz. 926) oraz na otrzymywanie informacji drogą elektroniczną zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 18.07.2002 r. (Dz. U. z 2002r. Nr 144, poz.1204
  • Each competitor is obligated to compete in accordance to the polish road traffic law
  • Where medical staff ascertain that a competitor is incapable of participating or completing the race, they have the right to withdraw the competitor from the competition.
  • The committee reserves the right to change these regulations in any time


Additional information may be obtained at Race Director Mr Daniel Smieja:
Mobile:.+48 503 791 774

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