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About the Race - Maraton Rowerowy Dookoła Polski
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10 days around Poland

Riding on such a long distance causes that everything may happen, so the strategy and energy saling are the most important issues.

Everything is possible

Be one of the toughest ultra cyclist on the world and try us with one of the longest bike race on the Globe. 

3200km around Poland.

The route is designed as close to the polish border line as possible and meets the most beautiful spots.

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About the Race

The competition is a race bike marathon around Poland 3200 km long with 10 days time limit.
Those who compete in OPEN and SOLO category are obligated to race without any planned help and must lean on personal skills. The only external help may come from a chance acquaintance.

The route is designed as close to the polish border line as possible and meets the most beautiful spots and landscapes in Poland. Start and finish line is located at the Cape of Rozewie by the lighthouse and then the racers head to the Trojmiasto, Zulawy where road ends and the only way is to continue by ferry at Swibno to the small town called Stegna where first check point is located (S1).
Later on the racers head to the new bridge at Kepki and then to the pontoon bridge at Nowakowo passing Elblag from the north side to the border line in Gronowo (S2) to the east passing by Ketrzyn and Wilczy Szaniec to the third check-point S3 in Sepopol.
After passing Wegorzewo the racers must head to the east to Borecka Forest and Romicka Forest famous from XIX and XX century railway bridges to the S4 in Zytkiejmy and after more then ten kilometers at Rutka-Tartak racers must head to the S-E via Sejny (S5), Augustowska Forest to the south via Lipsk, Sokolka (S6),  Knyszynska Forest and Bialowieska Forest to the Bug river to be crossed by bridge after Siemiatycze (S8).
The next point is Tersespol (S9) and later along the Bug river throught Włodawskie Forest the racers will reach Zosin (S10) – and here the mileage record indication is about +1000 km.
Before Tomaszow Lubelski first mountains are encountered and then to Lubaczow, Radymno (S11) and Przemysl where mountains called Bieszczady start. Crossing many saddles (pass) the racers will ride to the Ustrzyki Gorne (S12) then through Cisna, Komancza to the BeskiD Niski to Dukla and Kropna (S13), Tylicz, Muszyna (S14), Stary Sacz (S15), Kroscienko by Dunajec River, Bukowina Tatrzanska (S16) to Zakopane. From Zakopane they will head to Czarny Dunajec, Jablonka through few saddles to Zywiec, Beskid Zywiecki and Beskid Slaski to Cieszyn.

After few hundreds kilometers the racers will reach Kotlina Klodzka which they will ride around and just before Zloty Stok – and here the mileage record indication is about +2000 km. Later on to Lądek Zdrój via Stronie Śląskie (S22), Międzylesie (S23), Kudowa Zdrój (S24) to Nowa Ruda where Sowie Mountains starts. From here the racers head to Mieroszow and Lubawka ( S26) where Karkonosze Mountains are located. After Piechowiece village the biggest uphill is to be overridden, then via Szklarska Poreba Dolna, “Curve of Death” by long downhill to Swieradowo-Zdroj where the race changes direction from S-W to N.

The race along west border line into the north direction is via Dolnoslaskie Forest, Rzepinska Forest, Cedynski Landscape Park where racers will meet the most western part of Poland – Osinow Dolny (S34) and then along Odra River to Szczecin via Goleniowska Forest and Wolin island to Wolinski Landscape Park where in Miedzyzdroje (S36) all change direction from N to E heading to the finish line.
The last 324 km of the race leads along polish coast line where after Ustka (S38) the mileage record indication is about +3000 km. After next 100 km (just before the finish line) the racers will meet downhill to Zarnowieckie Lake where operating water power plant is located and unfinished nuclear power plant Zarnowiec.
Here last big uphill waits for the racers and then nice downhill to Jastrzebia Gora and paved road to the finish line
The marathon is for long distance racers who are physically and mentally very well prepared. Mental condition is very often crucial issue.
Riding non-stop for about 10 days everything is possible, the smallest injury may result in withdrawal from the race.
No prizes are anticipated in this race but there is no more beautiful view except finish line and this is the biggest prize after 10 days of fighting. Reaching the finish line all troubles are gone.

In first edition of the race (8 years ago) only 2 racers were competing and both finish the race:
Daniel Smieja/Liro Team i Wojciech Szymczak/Sopot Killers with the scores respectively:
9 days 8 hours and 19 minutes and 9 days 15 hours and 52 minutes

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